Complaint: Check-in / Boarding Misplaced Documents
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Default Misplaced Documents


My parents, Terence Usher and Jane Usher, recently departed on one of your planes, from Liverpool Airport to Palma De Mallorca on the 26/07/2016 at 8:10pm. All their documents including; passports, ehic cards and information for their rented car/destination for the hotel in Spain, was in a case placed under their seat. For some unknown reason this happened to be mistaken for left over luggage from the previous flight and passed off the plane to one of the ground crew, before taking off. This misunderstanding has resulted in them paying extra for an overnight stay in a nearby hotel and essentially wasting a day of their holiday waiting for their documents to arrive in on the 11:45pm flight tonight. I am very upset that this has happened and whereas I understand that it was a genuine mistake, my parents have not seemed to have been offered much support or any alternative options from the company. I expected more to happen in this unfortunate situation whereby the passengers have done nothing wrong. I am writing this email not as a general complaint, but in hope that this can be taken further - whether that be a deduction on their flight costs or some form of action that at least demonstrates a sense of concern.

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