Complaint: Customer Service SWA is bad news
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Angry SWA is bad news

Just had an awful experience with SWA. I tried to change a flight for myself and my daughter, her fare was purchased with points. The SWA website would not let me log in, I got the “site is under maintenance and try again later screen”. I went to the counter at SMF and was able to change my flight. Person at counter was unable to change my daughter for unknown reasons, also unable to determine the cost of her changing. So I called my daughter and told her to change to my flight, she tried but found out it would cost 10k points to change so she texted me, I told her not to change and I would change my flight back to match hers. I called SWA and they told me the flight was now full so it I wanted to be on same flight, I would need to purchase the fare using the 10k points. Having no options, I did so. I went on line and complained to SWA, I got a call back in about an hour. On the call the SWA rep said they had no record of the site being down so I was out of luck, basically called me a liar.

What a wonderful experience. SWA is as bad,or worse than all the other airlines. I will make every effort to spend as little with SWA going forward.