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I was scheduled for a May 11 departure from Denver to Madrid. We kept on having delays until they cancelled the flight at 10:30. It was a full 747 of about 300 people and they had no more than 4 workers.. I also had my dogs and am handicap.I asked or a wheel chair and none were to be had. They gave me no information about my dogs and no one would talk to anyone except give them a sheet of paper with an 800 number on it. Of course all f the lines were busy and no one knew anything. No water or snacks were served until 1 AM.Everyones phones we running out of power and one of the workers said that they are sending people home because they need sleep for a busy day tomorrow.Due to the time there were few taxis and no bus service. I finally got a room at 4:30 AM. And had to get the idiots to realize the importance of the trip. I had a scheduled signing on a house for Thursday in Madrid because they accepted pets. Needless to say I lost it because I did not arrive.
I wrote to Lufthansa and an idiot by the name on ms Steen said "Oh it is only a couple of days late" I doubt if her starbucks was 3 seconds late she would bitch.
So he couple of days comment cost me 1 month in hotels and 1 month in kennels for my dogs. And then another goof manager named hank said we are not in a position to reimburse you. I am still trying to settle this and they have no care or concern
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Lufthansa, don't ignore your Customer Complaints. Reply NOW!