Complaint: Check-in / Boarding American Airlines - The Worst Of The Worst!
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If he got to the check-in line at 12:00, and it took an hour before he could speak with a counter agent, then I would put that on American Airlines. There's no excuse for making passengers wait that long just to check in. They should have had more people on staff to check people in.

I was in a similar situation with American Airlines leaving out of LGA. I got to the airport about 2˝ hours ahead of time, and it looked like an overcrowded refugee shelter. The check-in counters looked they had about 10-12 workstations, yet only about 2 or 3 were actually manned.

To me, there's really no excuse for this. The airlines KNOW how many flights they have going out, how many passengers they have, etc., so it's not as if they can be surprised by an "unexpected rush."