Complaint: Reservations Turkish Airlines STOLEN our MONEY
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Angry Turkish Airlines STOLEN our MONEY

We bought tickets online. The requested dates were for July but when we got the electronic tickets it was issued for May.
We tried to call the hot line as we immediately recognised the fault. No one answered so we sent an email as well. Next morning they sent us an answer that we they cannot help we must call the hot line so we tried again - again no answer.

Immediately we drove to the airport to Turkish Airline's office and asked the ladies to try to correct the dates. They said they cannot help.
After some argument they called a number for us - we had to talk to the man on the phone - they said we must pay penalty because we want to change the dates. We tried to explain to them THEY ISSUED tickets with WRONG DATES it wasnt our mistake! They didnt care they said we must pay more then 800 euro plus penalty (they couldnt tell us how much would be the penalty). We said it is impossible as they made the mistake. They didnt care so finally the man recommended it is better if we cancel the tickets and buy new ones. I canceled the tickets still at the airport.
After that I asked the ladies at the desk when I will get back the money. They called someone and said those tickets are not refunable.

After many letter we we got back peanuts money. This is unnacceptable.

We had some flight with them and the stewardess are very rude. They are not family friendly at all.

Last time the borken our luggages and they didnt paid for them.