Complaint: Reservations Lies about nonstop flights
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Angry Lies about nonstop flights

return flight 832 from FLL Wed Aug 1 @ 2:03 PM
I am returning with my handicapped parents, in their 90s. I requested a nonstop flight for the return. I explained the situation, the fact that my father cannot travel on a plane easily, or for an extended duration. And it is difficult for him to get on, off, or get to the restroom once on the plane. I was assured the flight would be nonstop, that is what I paid for. I was assured the flight was traveling from FLL to LAX without stopping. I just looked at the email and saw one stop in Houston on the return flight. I called the travel agent, they assured me it was a nonstop flight from fll. I asked why the print out showed 1 stop and was told it was a mistake and they could send another copy. They again assured me the flight was leaving FLL and would not stop until LAX. I called United and was told the same thing, the flight was non-stop, it would leave FLL and not stop, but fly from FLL to LAX. I kept asking why the printout showed one stop. Again, I was told it was a mistake, they would send another copy. after this second call and repeated assurances that the flight would not stop between FLL and LAX, the rep finally said it would change planes in Houston but not stop. I said that makes no sense. I was told it is a non-stop flight that stops in Houston. ...still makes no sense. I would have booked a different flight I was not mislead or just flat out lied to.