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I've been living abroad as a student in Nice, France for past
two weeks and was sent an email stating that my suitcase
was located in the international terminal F of CDG airport,
for which I understand Air France is in charge of. My case
was listed as an emergency due to a number of health
problems including a liver tumour and asthma for which I
had over $3000 worth of medications in my suitcase. All
week, I've been told that emails were sent to me (which I
never received + confirmed email), and was told the
delivery service would have them to me in a few days. A
week later after receiving email, I'm told by AA at CDG they
never have any records that my bag is found and quite
rudely told me its possibly with Air France, but explained
that its AF's responsibility now to return my bag although
AA was the one who apparently sent my bag with them. I
did not fly with AF and therefore have no authority to ask
them to find my bag. I flew with AA, and it should therefore
be THEIR responsibility to return me my bag. On top of this,
AF and AA are feuding due to a number of communication
problems within the CDG airport and AF is ignoring their
calls. I am begging that someone PLEASE understand my
situation, and what I am forced to go through as a result of
this loss of medications. I understand I will be
"compensated" (how much, I dont know), but please
understand that as a student in France, I am on a very tight
budget and am already in debt due to having to replace
clothing etc. If I am forced to replace these meds, I won't
be able to afford my rent here in France during the next 9
months. PLEASE - I need someone to take my case
seriously and look into how these mistakes were made. I
went from no suitcase, to "we found it in CDG", "its in
Dallas", to "its in terminal F at CDG", to "we have no record
of your bag ever being found". This lack of communication
between central baggage resolution is a complete joke and
I feel like I'm being taken on a wild goose chase. I would
appreciate a response as I have yet to hear anything since
yesterday morning when I was rudely hung up on by AA at
CBR in CDG and told "we can't do anything, AF won't
answer our calls." Please help as moving away for 9 months
to another country with health issues is already stressful
enough, and AA has treated me horribly therefore making
this trip a complete disaster. I cannot afford to replace
these medications - I will require compensation for these
meds in order to continue my trip without running out of
Please please, I need someone to put themselves in my
shoes and realize that it is not only an inconvenience to
loose my luggage, but causing a medical emergency. I've
worked hard to achieve dean's honour roll and to save up
for this trip and its being completely jeopardized within first
2 weeks due to the careless actions of AA.
- Alana Weichel
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