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Default Lost all my 3 luggage with Royal Air Maroc. Any similar case?

Royal Air Maroc sucks...And keep loosing peaple luggage...That's what they do all over Africa...I didn't know...and learned it the hard way.

I travelled with Royal Air Maroc, on Monday 15 April, from JFK to Casablanca and Casablanca to Yaounde. I had 3 suitcases. They made me pay $250 extra. None of my luggage ever arrived and the company is not really helping. I have spent two weeks abroad going to the airport to wait every Royal Air Maroc flight, and going to the Agency in midtown every day. None of my luggage was ever found. I eventually returned to JFK/NYC via Casablanca again. It has been now about 4 weeks. I do not hear from Royal Air Maroc. And still not hear from my luggage despite my claim. Each airport sens me to the other one. Meanwhile Royal Air Maroc, got my money...and just lost my 3 suitcases like that...
I have never heard that a single passenger lost all his luggage just like that in one day, unless the plane crashed...Anyone elese to join me on my lawsuit file against Royal Air maroc? Any other similar case? Please let me know.

Astrid Medjo