Complaint: Customer Service Disabled, requested service and didn't get it
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Angry Disabled, requested service and didn't get it

I was promised help since I just had hip surgery on both legs of my trip, I am on crutches, non weight bearing. The customer service agents were rude, never offered to help. When we did find one in Miami on the way back I had to wait for 30 minutes for an attendant and we barely made it thru security. Then the TSA made me 'try to walk' thru the scanner because they didn't want to leave me in the wheelchair. I have never been treated so bad, I feel terrible for those that are permanently disabled. How disgraceful for them to make you feel like they do. Then to top it off on our way back to Dallas my luggage was LOST and the other two bags were delivered to terminal A and we were in D. Now on crutches how in the hell I am I supposed to do that?!!! No one offered to help, no manager was available. It was terrible. Finally a fellow passenger helped and brought it back to terminal A. I feel like compensation for this fiasco is needed along with a big fat refund on what they charged me for my bags!!! For those permanently disabled, DO NOT fly American.