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Play things straight transparent...act like you WANT to be in business serving customers...rather than viewing your customers as an incovenience. "Do the right thing" when you can and are able to do so.

As you may have discovered, among US-based carriers, Southwest comes closest to this idea. Next would be Virgin America, and, Continental "mainline" (Continental Express and Newark, NJ/"EWR" both suck, big time.) In Canada, West Jet seems to adhere to this idea. Worldwide it's Lufthansa, Singapore, and Cathay Pacific.

The remaining US-based carriers are simply biding their time and waiting for the government to step-in with large scale re-regulation.

With the exception of Southwest, if someone is looking only at price when they're looking for a domestic flight they can expect to get burned in one or more ways. Also, with just about any other major purchase, people will read the "fine print." Not so with air travel. So when things turn to s**t these people cry foul. It's not necessary to read the entire Contract of Carriage. However, familiarizing one's self with certain provisions can save a lot of grief later, and even expose those airline employees who "make-up" rules. Examples are:

* Check-in times,
* Criteria for denied boarding and procedures when it happens
* Rules relating to checked baggage

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