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Default update

An update.

As part of my actions against this bunch of idiots I filed a case with the Better business Bureau, I got a reply from them to simply say its not their policy claiming we did not show for the flight. I replied pointing out the fact and that the rep even acknowledged that I called before the flight to report the problem. no response at all. another advocacy group got no response at all and emails to their customer care center are being ignored.

quite simply these people don't care, my card company tells me that they can help dispute the charges on the grounds of not delivering a product or service but that they will likely reply with their terms and conditions. I will tie this up this way so long that they will get tired of responding.

in the meantime, I strongly suggest you avoid this airline. another relative who was coming to care for my injured mother also flew them, flights 4 hours late, no notifications, no offers of change. nothing. then on board, horrible service. I compared the costs she paid and find that Delta flies to Detroit cheaper with none of this crap. she had bought the ticket months ago but will not again based just on the experience. As it turns out they had an issue with the plain coming in, she heard them saying they would fly with the problem to florida and fix it here. Keep in mind that if they are cheap on customers, they are worse on safety. remember valuejet.