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Unhappy Bad Service

Here is a summary of my experience with Lufthansa's reservation system and customer service
(1) I had a valid ("award") ticket and a valid reservation, issued by M&M for a flight on Sept 27 2017. (As a side issue, this "award" required a payment of $525 and 100K miles for a ticket that typically costs $1100).
(2) This ticket was not honored by Lufthansa at the airport because of some problem in their system that the person at the airport could not resolve. Since I needed to fly I had to purchase another ticket for $1080.
(3) I requested a refund by writing to Miles and More and to Lufthansa's customer service. My first request with all relevant paperwork was sent on Sept 30 2017, and since then I called 4 times and wrote 5 letters (sending the paperwork details again at least twice).
(4) On October 28 I received a reply from M&M that they are transferring my claim to Lufthansa credit department. I never heard from Lufthansa Customer Service.
(5) On the eve of my return flight I could check in on line. I called M&M and was told that everything is OK with my ticket. Just to be sure I called Lufthansa and then I was told that my ticket was cancelled because it registered "no show" on the incoming flight. After a long discussion the assured me that the issue was corrected and I should be able to check in in 1-2 hours. Since I could not I called Lufthansa again, found that the ticket was cancelled and went through the process of rectifying the issue again. This went on through half of the night and involved 4 calls to Lufthansa. So now I have some statistics: The average wait time to Lufthansa customer service is, in my experience, 40 minutes, during which I need to listen to how greatly Lufthansa is doing.
(6) On December 22nd my account was credited by $1065, so Lufthansa has held my money for 3 months and did not give me the full refund. Up to now (January 6 1018) there is no letter explaining the smaller refund, not to speak of an apology. Hopefully I will get these after I sue.