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Did you call someone to complain? It might to late now, so I would recommend that you write a letter. It might also be too late to just write to their customer service, so opt to write to someone in the executive suite. Here are a few pointer. I've written quite a few letters in my lifetime.

Write to the top dog. Worst case, his or her assistant will forward it to customer
relations… but the odds of getting a response you’ll appreciate will improve markedly if you take the time to figure out whom – not what – to write to.

Demonstrate that you’re not just some whiner; establish that you’re a customer with
expectations based on a pre-existing relationship. Mention that you have flow their airline before, or at the very least that you're a very frequent flier.

If you don’t have a long-term relationship with the company, speak to their reputation, their advertising, recommendations from friends… ALWAYS find a way to say “you had high expectations from them.”

Don’t be concerned if your letter takes up more than one or two pages. The length of
the letter itself will send a signal that something happened that REALLY bugged you.
The reader may skip ahead… but a well-crafted long letter is likely to be taken seriously.

Ask for the order. Tell them you want compensation, and what you want that
compensation to be. I would ask for new luggage in your case.

Good luck, Tonic123.


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