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Default Limited re-regulation, and Air Amtrak


I agree that the legacy airlines operating today will, for those that do not go bankrupt, become the domain of those who are willing to pay double what a deep discount ticket now sells for. I think a limited form of re-regulation, in addition to fuel prices, will bring this about. We have already seen the DOT moving to increase the number of airports with capacity controls and the mandate to report tarmac delays. I was encouraged to read, recently, some statements, from former American Air chairman Crandall, indicating he thought limited re-regulation is a good idea.

Because a large chunk of the population can not be barred from domestic air travel the argument for a government-operated airline becomes even more compelling. There would be no intention of making money--only providing a service to this large group. For-profit carriers should be able to successfully compete if the government-operated carrier was limited to the following types of service:

· About a dozen “mainline” routes, with service only to secondary airports. For those cities having Amtrak service, there would be “interline” arrangements to allow customers to continue to larger cities.

· The operation of those EAS routes which for-profit carriers no longer wish to serve.

· Air service connecting mainline “hub” airports with small rural communities where an offer (from the community or the state) has been made to make a contribution toward the cost of such service. Where demand exists, such communities should be served with “combi” aircraft—ie: service to the Alaskan bush country.

The cabins could be configured into a section for families and a small section, in the front, for the disabled. Seat pitch would be 34". Seat backs would not move. Rather, reclining would be accomplished though a sliding mechinism on the seat bottom. The original National Airlines used this type of seat in their coach sections.

Even if restricted to the type of service outlined above, I would expect the for-profit airlines to screem like a stuck pig at the idea of an "Air Amtrak."
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