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Something will have to be done. If the airlines have their way, they will soon be charging for everything. They will charge double, or more what fares are now, plus additional for bags, and everything else. There is already a fee for just about everything. This will push out the average joe, who will no longer be able to afford to fly.

The answer, I think, is re-regulation, or at least, some re-regulation. BUT, when regulation was in place, airfare was significantly more expensive than it is now, but it was also a MUCH better experience to travel by air. The airlines are VERY important to the economy, and that is part of the reason that the government backs the airlines, like they do almost any major corporations. I suspect, if things continue as they are now, the government will have to step in, to save the airlines, once more, but hopefuly is will be in the form of some re-regulation, rather than sham bankruptcies, as was the case after 9/11.

MOST airline employees, especially pilots, want regulation back in place. Airline careers have significantly taken a hit, since regulation. They were once a prestigious job, even being a customer service agent, that one could spend a rewarding career in. Greedy, profit hungry management, however, has cut pay, in just the last several years, by as much as 50%, for all employees, and that has disappeared. Now, the airlines work understaffed, frequently, because they have problems attracting people to a job like this, for the pay. The people they do attract, are very quality people, at all. This is part of the reason customer service has taken such a huge hit. There is one person doing the job that once five people did, and on top of that, the one person could care less, because they don't see any incentive to care. Management doesn't do anything about these employees, either, because they know if they fired them, they will not be able to hire anybody to replace them. You'd be surprised at the stuff I've seen agents get away with, up to, and including, cursing at passengers, sleeping on the job, in front of passengers, leaving work for hours, while still on the clock, and not telling anyone, while flights are on the ground needing to be worked, and passengers needing to be helped, meanwhile the flight goes out late, and the passengers are left with nobody to assist them, etc. Yet these people still continue to work, day after day, without any consequence for these things.

As I've said in other posts, my last day as an airline employee, is next Wednesday, and I cannot wait to get out, and move on. I think I am getting out, at just the right time, because things are about to get much worse, before they get better, if they ever get better!