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Originally Posted by stroura View Post
Thanks for the reply and I'm sure you know a lot more about Expedia than I do, but every flight segment had a United flight number even though the carriers were other airlines. I believe they call it code sharing.
Code sharing is a very common practice especially within an alliance. But to issue a ticket through United without any actual United flights was a mistake on the part of Expedia. Think about it; what was the first response whenever you went to Continental or US Airways? "This is United's ticket, you need to go to/speak with United." If all of the airlines had the same systems it would be different but they do not. Any changes made by one airline have to be communicated to the other, and Expedia, through a network of computers. It's no wonder every time an airline made a change that the itinerary was erased with the other airline. Once again, Expedia's failure to communicate those changes properly.

It's probable that Expedia booked your itinerary with UA codeshare flight numbers on a UA ticket because it was slightly cheaper that way but in the end the few dollars you saved added up to much more in frustration.
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