Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Delta cancelled both connecting flights
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Angry Delta cancelled both connecting flights

Delta cancelled our flight from BTV to JFK 40 minutes before departure. We got on a JetBlue flight to JFK and upon arriving at the gate for our flight to SLC found out they had given our seats to someone else! Got out next a.m. to SLC. On our return from SLC, got to JFK and our flight back to BTV was cancelled! Once again got home by getting on a JetBlue flight to BTV. The total cost for these JetBlue flights was $817 and all Delta reimbursed us was $98 for the cancelled JFK to BTV flight. I have written to the CEO, COO, President and Customer Care Dept. of Delta and all they are willing to do is give us two $250 vouchers for future Delta flights. Why would we want to fly Delta again when they keep cancelling flights to and from BTV. The JFK to BTV flight that was cancelled on us on August 9th had been cancelled 11 times from July 6th to ours on August 9th!! All we are asking for is reimbursement of $719, our actual out of pocket cost for the JetBlue flights and they aew refusing.