Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked 100% delay rate
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Default 100% delay rate

So I just flew American airlines for the first time. Also the last. It was a business flight from JFK to San Diego and then a return a week later. The flight out of JFK was delayed by almost 5 hours because they had to take a plane out of service. Then they changed the gate. A 3:25 flight became a 5:45 flight which actually left after 7:30. Gee sorry. Then on the way back I get delayed by 2 hours stuck on the plane at LAX (after a commuter flight) because the pilots had flown to late the prior evening (cause their flight was delayed!) so after they load us all on the plane..whoops we need a new crew. Suddenly there is not a stewardess to be found.... I found EVERYONE who worked for the airline arrogant, defensive, unhelpful or all of the above at the same time. If I even thought they cared I'd ask for a refund...but when you charge 4 bucks for a bag of chips I doubt they'll want to part with my 500 bucks. I could understand a delay here and there but combined with the arrogance I'm completely disgusted by their company.