Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked A present-day "Rule 240???"
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Default Greater protection with a travel agency?

This rule is NOT binding on AA staff at the airport? So then does one, actually, have greater protection (in theory) when AA, in this case, cancels if the booking was through a travel agency? In practice I would assume most travel agencies would tell you to get lost unless you were a large commercial customer. Even for those agencies willing to help I don't know if any advantage one would gain is worth the aggravation one is letting themselves in for by using an agency.
I originally found this by doing a (Yahoo) search on "rule 240." I then went to AA's on-line edition of its Contract of Carriage. I thought it was strange I couldn't find any reference to this document in the Contract. I assumed this was, perhaps, an addendum to said Contract.

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