Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked A present-day "Rule 240???"
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You're not understanding this. Some tickets purchased online through sites like Travelocity and Orbitz cannot be changed by the airline. The agency has to do it. This is a rule that the agency has in place for tickets it has sold. Don't ask me the finer points as to why, but that is how they work.

The page you have is something that is meant for them. It does not mean that they cannot or will not change a ticket that was not purchased through them. In other words, this page has nothing to do with a ticket purchased through American directly. As posted before, changing your ticket could include staying on the same airline, but a different routing. The airline cannot even change that normally. This page is probably part of the contract they have with the online agencies stating under what conditions they are allowed to change a ticket. In other words, if this did not exist and you had a ticket purchased through Travelocity, and the plane broke down, the airline would have no choice but to have yo call Travelocity to re-route you. With this in place the airline has the ability to change the flgihts in the circumstances listed.