Complaint: Suggestion New baggage charges
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Angry lpaying for luggage and food

I am leaving for California tommorow morning and you have to pay $15.00 for luggage and then if it's over a certian weight they want you to pay more that is stupid.What is wrong with these airlines.I am taking American Airlines to SanFrancisco there and then taking United back to Boston.
Why should we have to spend more money just for luggage alone when you've already paid for the flight and the fuel surcharge ridicuolous.

Then it you want food they charge you $3.00 for a snack box come on wake up people and smell the coffee.
These air;ines need to get their act together.

If you are going to be on a flight that is at least 3 hours or longer they should be made to provide a snack or a meal especially if a person brings little kids or infants on the plane they need to have something to eat because they forget to bring food on board and the airline does
not provide something to eat good luck.

Why should we pay to bring food on the plane when they
should be providing it.

What happened to our passenger bill of rights.

When me and my parents went to Scotland and England
on American Airlines they gave us a meal and snacks but
now all of a sudden I hear from my mom there is no meal on these flights that's not right hopfully she's wrong its bad enough they won't give us pretzals or peanuts anymore.

I don't what the airlines are thinking but what ever it is they need to change their way of thinking otherwise people may not want to fly anymore because of the perks being taken away from passengers.