Complaint: Customer Service Delra Seat Assignment Fiasco
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Default Delra Seat Assignment Fiasco

Delta's Ridiculous last minute seat assignment fiasco.

Assigned seats numbers when you purchase plane tickets has been made a luxury item by the new airline price gouging practices. The arline will not even assign seat numbers during check-in, less than 24 hours before the flight.

This means you are held hostage without assigned seats, unless you pay extra for choosing an assigned seats. Then there is a chance that your family and children traveling together can be put in separate seats.

In my case the seat number was assigned at the last moment when I arrived at the airport and after boarding it was discovered another person was also having the same seat number. Luckily the staff was able to resolve this situation.

It is Pure Insanity that top tier airline like Delta will make such last minute seat assignment errors just because they are running a greedy scheme to squeeze a few extra dollars from it's travel customers. 👎

- Does airline management care about their customers and believe in giving them some peace of mind when using their service?
- Will families be able to travel together and not be stressed out to worry about seat assignments? - - And what if anything goes wrong when the flight is overbooked?

It is shameful how new marketing strategies have focused only on benefiting from price gouging by taking advantage of customer's basic needs and converted them into a profit making schemes. This means management puts the customer Last.

We all remember the good days when customers were valued and keeping them happy was a high priority responsiblity of business.

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