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We will see all together, it is a WAR initiated by them while I was begging desperately to listen to me, All hackers or whatever are welcome to do their part to my bank account, I will not leave this, they humiliated to me and they will pay for it, if I have the resign document or firing prove of the persons who judged me this way unfairly I will drop this case, this is a prove of my intention is not MONEY!!! any way dear airline sympathizer I intend to reach approximately 100.000.000 people with this case from the 3 countries which I am somehow related to, people are not sheeps, it was a bussiness trip they ruined, and I am still on the edge that cannot focus to my work back after all, OS means for OBSESSION from now on, and I SWEAR they will pay for it not talking about 31.000 something euros, they will pay of riscing their passengers while they rudely deny to cooporate!!!! all world is my witness (will be slowly bu surely)