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Alaska - Horizon Airlines had long line-up on November 10, 2011 and none of the machine wasn't working for check-in, we waited there desperately almost an hour with two land attendee trying to get the most of passengers with a lot of check in baggage's and departure times coming close . I knew that when the clock was showing 15 to 6 no way to make it 6:20 am flight departure time because I had to go to custom line up too .
They started to get earlier flight passenger after waiting 45 min at the line still not helping to get faster due to long line-up , of course when I was at the gate at 6:40 the flight was gone . And the person on duty on the gate no where the found , finally she showed up right away tried to get other two passengers before first then I claimed I was there first , and need to get next flight she just sent me to public phone to call reservation saying that there is no available seat for me today . when I was on the phone for reservation she made booking for other two guys whom missed the flight too . At the end I was end up returning back next day flight with extra charged fee and loosing 1 business day from work , extra parking fee for my car at the Oakland airport and rent car which I just rented to make sure not missed the flight early morning. I claimed the refund extra charges and expenses they simple decline saying that I should be at the gate 45 min earlier , claiming that it was my fault not theirs bad arrangement .
Nice cover up , if your flight early morning you have to be at the airport midnight I guess not 2 hours prior is not enough according the Alaska-Horizon airlines.

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