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I have booked non refundable tickets for 4 people from Melbourne to Israel with Austrian Airlines (via Webjet) in November last year. Two tickets for my husband and I and two tickets for my parents in law. Since then the health of my mother in law has deteriorated and she is not in health to fly ever anymore.
I have submitted the request to change date and name on the tickets with intention to use the tickets by my husband and I at the later date, but been advised that change of name is not possible.
I have asked if it can be guaranteed that the seats can be free for me and my husband to use in the long fight and been advised that if passengers not flying, airline can use the seats and sell tickets.
I think that it is not fare to the consumers - why it is not possible to change the name in the situation like mine? Happy to pay admin fee and difference in costs but why I should loose thousands of dollars? I understand the policy and all, but is the policy wrong if it allows to loose people thousand of dollars? We have consumer protection for $30 goods but allow people to loose thousands when there are enough time to resell tickets, or change name or provide vouchers to use later? Really disappointed that there is no good will from the Austrian Airlines or Webjet to help people
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