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We were served with a Formal Warning by a Flight Attendant flight 848 from Dallas to Newark at 7:00pm June 4th 2011. Her Name tag read Lee and apron said Josephine. While at the terminal as the safety presentation was conducted, on the right side of the plane (row 11) My fiance and i observed bags being placed on the plane. We noticed what we thought was the remainder of our bags not being placed on the plane. We asked the flight attendant (Lee) if there could be a problem and she confidentally said we were mistaken. She even joked and said,"Bobby were you able to read the tag on the bag?" and she laughed. I expressed my concern again and expressed our discomfort with her reaction and comments. The plane left the terminal and we proceeded to fly to Newark. As the service cart was passing our row, Lee very loudly pointed me out to the other flight attendant working with the service cart (while pointing at me),"thats Bobby, Thats Bobby" smiling and laughing. My fiance was alarmed at Lee pointing me out. Once Lee made it to our row to serve a beverage, we declined and my fiance (Gennifer Stearns) communicated to Lee, we did not appreciate her loud comments directed at Babak. Gennifer was polite and reserved. Lee immediately was upset and said," I will nip this in the bud". We observed Lee speaking on the phone and had white and pink forms in her hand. Once she finished with the call, she informed me the Captain had asked her to serve me (Babak) with a formal warning and said since 9/11 my behavior was not to be tolerated.
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