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So I'm trying to pick apart the complaint here.

1) Person leaves phone in car, and has already passed through security so relative goes to terminal and asks an employee to carry it to the gate. Phone arrives only after other relative at other airport makes phone calls.

This is an interesting one. First, if there was over 90 minutes before the flight, could the relative have asked the airline to page the person to come get the phone? Maybe, but the airline agreed to carry the phone to the gate and find the person.

My question is how did the relative at the other airport know that the sister never got the phone? Why did the relative call the customer service number to "find" the phone? If the phone got to the passenger before departing, then this means that the representative actually delivered it? If so, then what was the problem? Does the complainer actually think that the phone would not have gotten to its rightful owner without his phone call? Lots of questions.

2) Without room for carry-on bags the flight attendant checked the bag and forgot to give a claim ticket. The flight attendant apparently told the individual to exit the terminal to find his bag? Thankfully the person who took the bag was wrong and the bag was checked all the way through to the destination.

Conclusion: the flight attendant made a mistake and then didn't know how to deal with it. VALID complaint. Bag? Not lost, thankfully.

3) Flight cancelled. Two passengers heading to two different destinations on different itineraries. Passenger bothered that a VIP was helped before him. Both passengers re-routed on next available flights. Female offered lodging while awaiting next flight. Female caught standby and avoided overnight stay.

Sounds like a success story that came about from a flight cancellation. If you're really an "avid" traveler you know that flights get cancelled sometimes and you can't control it. I'm sorry your feelings were hurt when the agent gave a "high five" to someone who cut the line before you. You don't know who it was nor control how the airline checks people in. It could have been an employee.

I'm glad your sister caught a standby but if you don't want to get separated from your family then book the same route 100% and then you fly out separately. From your claim of experience, you should know this. You say they did nothing to make sure she was at the front of the list, but she got on the flight. You wanted her to cut in the line? Fair is fair, right?

3) In FLL you "had" a problem but I'm still not sure what it was. You admit you cut your trip short, so this explains the ticket changes and confusion. Somewhere you changed the routes and booking so I guess you left that part out. Again your sister made it on standby. Awesome!

You sent a complaint letter to the airline and they responded with an apology. That's great. The fact that the second page may have been cut off and ended with "fu" is not even relevant, except for the fact that you want to make it a big deal.

Every complaint you have, except for the flight attendant's stupid mistake, is marginal at best.

Your sister forgot her phone and it showed up after the airline walked it through security. A flight was cancelled and the airline rebooked both of you on the next available flights and offered hotel accommodations. Your sister made it onto two standby flights when you cut your trip short and had to change bookings. A flight attendant forgot to get you a claim check and sent you to find your bag.

Yes, it was challenging. It's challenging on any airline. I sure am glad you got a letter of apology for that ignorant flight attendant. I'm glad you didn't lose any bags and your sister wasn't forced to fend for herself in a strange land.
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