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This email is about a recent trip from Las Vegas to Dallas on Saturday March 31 2012.

I was booked with a confirmed seat on an over sold flight from LV to Dallas. Spirit Air asked for passengers who could travel later that would volunteer to go late in exchange for a travel voucher. I was first in line to volunteer and asked when I would be able to fly out. I made them aware that I could not go later than Sunday because I had to be at work on Monday. They did not really have an answer and said they would get back to me. They asked me if I was going to volunteer a couple more times and each time could not tell me when I would be able to fly out.

After a while I chose to board the plane in fear that they would fill the plane while I was waiting around for info.

After being on board for 10-15 minutes a flight attendant came own the isle asking again and recognized me and again asked if I was interested. I again asked if she knew about later flights. She eventually came back and said that we were guarnateed a flight out, and at that point me and others committed to stay behind. We got our luggage and departed the plane for the gate.

Once there we asked again about the later flight and they claimed that they had purchased us tickets on US Air later in the day. As it turned out, that flight had a long lay over, but I was OK with that since we were to recieve 2 round trip tickets which was promised while still on the plane. I was always concerned that there was not any other tickets.

The gate clerk had us fill out the paperwork for travel vouchers and wait. The paper work was never provided to us as our copy. We were asked to sign at a certain place and check a box!! After another 10-15 minutes a couple came up trying to get on the plane late and they were told it was to late to board and would have to go later.

After another 5- 10 minutes the gate clerk announced that they had 4 emphty seats and designated 4 of us to re-board the plane. When asked about the travel vouchers and the agreement she said that Spirit did not owe us anything and to get on board. I told her I had never seen a more disorganized airline and the whole plane is now 30 minutes late becuse of their inability to load a plane correctly. I then asked about my reserved seat, now occupied by someone else because of this mess, and she told me it was not her problem and to find a seat. When I and others asked to speak to a manager both in LV and Dallas we were declined.

I have sent in an official complaint to Spirit and was told the travel voucher fine print says if you board the plane, you are not owed compensation. Spirit said what they thought was fair was to refund my $12.00 dollar fee for a a reserved seat.

As I walked down the isle I noticed an emphty seat and as I went to sit down I stopped by the passenger sitting in the next seat that pointed at a cardboard sign taped to the seat that said "Do Not Sit-Seat Broken".
I noticed 2 others close by. I then wondered if there was a sign like that on one of the engines!!!!


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