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Well, I noticed that air travel industry were not doing unbelievably well these days and it gets harder for them all the time. That is the reason that baggage and other airline fees are unlikely to stop any time soon.. Unfortunately for anyone who travels by air these days, most airlines charge a fee to check bags. In some cases, passengers get charged to stow bags in the overhead compartment. For instance, according to Fox Business, Allegiant Airlines charges $35 to stow a carry-on bag in the overhead compartment. Spirit Airlines charges $45. Spirit has also, according to the Washington Post, instituted a new fee for not paying for an overhead bin bag ahead of boarding. If Spirit Airline passengers pay for using an overhead bin at an airport kiosk or at the ticket counter, the fee stays at $45. However, if they neglect to do so until they are at the boarding gate, the fee rises to $100. However, some airlines refuse to engage in it. Southwest Airlines, according to the Seattle Times, is the only carrier that refuses to charge baggage fees or rebooking fees. From my resource, the reason for airline fees is that air travel is not a very profitable business. Fuel costs and continually fluctuating levels of travel make it difficult to consistently make enough to cover the bottom line. Well, you can gain more information at: Baggage fees likely only to get worse.
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