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I took a night flight in May to visit one of my best friends in Cali. Got there 1 1/2 before departure. Once I got there I learned that my flight would take off at 11pm instead of 8:30pm since they had to downsize the plane. So I waited patiently and texted my friend that I will be arriving late. There was an announcement prob at around 9pm that it would be delayed an additional hr since they were waiting for flight crew to arrive. I texted my friend AGAIN. Maybe another hour later it was announced that my flight had been cancelled! This was UNACCEPTABLE. I started crying and panicking. I had plans! I was supposed to get to Cali Thursday night and we would drive to Vegas the next morning. I tried to remain calm when I was speaking to the representative at the counter. I explained to her my situation. She told me I could take a morning flight to Vegas. I asked her what my next option for Cali was and she said it wouldn't be til Saturday morning. What a joke! I wasn't going to let SPIRIT ruin my vacation. So i ended up booking a flight to Vegas. My friends drove through the night from Cali to Vegas just so I would not be by myself when I got there. That is pathetic and I'm thankful to have great friends who would do that for me. I ended up sleeping on and off on a chair at the airport for four hours. Foot resting on my luggage so I could protect it at the same time. Spirit didn't offer anything besides discounted hotel rates. That's awful! This was a horrible experience and I'm still ****** off at Spirit. I've shared my story with family, friends, coworkers, and anyone I speak to about traveling. I'm glad it worked out bc my vacation was almost ruined thanks to this airline!
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