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BEWARE! Luggage SCAM special the manager Crystal in MCO(Orlando) who is sarcastic and humiliate people to rip off, TheY Scam to bill you the luggage. If you are going to depart from Orlando then I must advise you to be careful at their counter. Why does Spirit Airlines abuse its passengers? Does she receive commissions for any bag people pay? Be sarcastic and laugh in their back is not for a manager position..we saw you! And your employees what they do to others poor people. Never come back to that airline!
Im a Lawyer and duffle bags have the real mesure and size in the store…check your scale in your luggage cale..the 2 bars in lower give you 1 inch or more to steal the size. Next time you and your company going to have a big class lawsuit.. you will see!
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Spirit Airlines, don't ignore your Customer Complaints. Reply NOW!