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My flight home from st Thomas was delayed. Spirit didn't let us know that customs agents go home at 6pm at that airport, so when we arrived at 6:15 for an 8:45 flight, we were informed that we were too late. The spirit reps at the desk said the flight had been delayed because of mechanical issues. Then we find out that the flight is canceled. Then the reps get an email on their phone saying the flight cancellation was deemed uncontrollable, thus affording us no hotel or food vouchers for the 3 days it would take to get us on another flight. Later, customer support claimed the flight was canceled due to weather. All the other flights made it though.

There were about 100 people behind me I line that day that didn't make the 6pm customs cut. So there probably weren't enough people on the plane to be worth making the flight. It was cheaper not to fly. Especially when they lie about why they canceled the flight and offer no compensation to their customers.

Is there any entity that holds airlines accountable for lying about weather? Can spirit just use this excuse on any given day even when other airlines are flying to the same destinations?
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