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I am so disappointed and saddened by my treatment of Spirit Airlines.
My son and I were booked on a cruise to celebrate his new job. He got time off for this trip, we saved for a year.
We were booked on the flight NK 103 from Myrtle Beach to Fort Lauderdale on April 21 at 7:58 am landing in FLL at 9:40am. Upon arrival at the airport in MYR, there was a huge line, we got there at 6:15 am. We were informed that our flight was “delayed” to 3:10, then later to 5:04. We were cruising out of Miami that day and had to be on the ship by 2pm. I saw a roaming agent and had my son stand in line and I went to ask her what to do as we had an emergency, she very rudely said “Get to the back of the line!” so I knew I had to do something as our $3,000 cruise was at stake, so I left my son in line and went to see about another flight at another airline.
I booked American Airlines flight 774 to Charlotte then flight 148 to Miami to get there in time. I spent $1,088.60 to get to our cruise plus my flight that was “delayed” it should say canceled, for $230.58. It was such a stressful day, we had to fly to Charlotte and then to Miami to get there the worst was all the money I had to pay. I expect a reimbursement for this as it was nothing I did, it was Spirits fault.
Once to Miami we had to scurry to the cruise port, once on the ship we did not have phone service. When I got to Fort Lauderdale on April 28 for our return flight, I went to the Spirit desk to ask about how to get a refund for my previous situation and possible reimbursement for the flight I had to pay for. She informed me that I had to go to the other side of the airport to speak to the customer service agent at the front Spirit desk. I could not get there and back to the gate by boarding time and I have a bad knee and couldn’t walk that far and she seemed to not care.
I waited and boarded the flight, then asked the Myrtle Spirit agent once we landed. The man there said please write by email to this address.. was a customer service email.. then he said Do not call, you will just get someone in Pakistan who will not help you at all.
SO upon arriving home I started my emails and such to ask for help. All I get is the run around and nothing has been done. After arguing and being called a liar by Kaiana C. of their customer service I am out of patience.
I have two more trips scheduled for the same type of travel, cruising the day of the flight, and I am now scared to fly with you. 9:40 arrival I suspected was plenty of time to get to the cruise port, now I am wondering if I should continue flying with Spirit.
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