Complaint: Check-in / Boarding Denied Boarding!!
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Default Denied Boarding as well as Concern!!

Well after posting my complaint here, Spirit Air has given me a customer relations contact that told me they would take up my issue of being denied boarding in St. Maarten with the Spirit Air employees that denied me. GREAT, but what else?? As the replies read on my post, it would be their word against mine and I lost. There was not an apology or offer of even a portion of my flight. This airline is going to go under if they continue to get all the complaints that I am reading. Looks like Spirit needs to do a little more customer service relations and make some customers happy and not ****** off.....the best answer they had for me was to contact Travel Guard which is a separate company that I purchased the travel insurance from...they made me think they were doing me a favor by directing me to some more hope that I might get some of my hard earned money back. NOT!! Spirit Air....if you are reading this....VERY far, i am going to be your worst critic...I find this very unfair treatment to a potentially very good customer....its not too late. My hard earned vacation turned into a very expensive tragic ending...