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Originally Posted by bah humbug View Post
Don't see the problem here...they told you it was delayed, board had same info. You have to check in with the GATE every 10-15 minutes if you choose to leave the gate area. Doesn't sound like you even went to the gate at all...just straight to Chili's. Delayed flights are subject to leave whenever they get clearance to leave. There is no exact time of departure when it comes to delayed flts. Did you not here any announcement in the terminal? How did everone else know when to board??
Um, yes we did go to the gate when we got through the security checkpoint. Apparently you've got some reading comprehension issues because I clearly mentioned that. And there was no announcement in the terminal. We were closely listening to everything that came over the intercom. No announcement that the flight was leaving, no calling of our names when we didn't show at the gate.

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