Complaint: Customer Service $4700 charge to get on next flight
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Default $4700 charge to get on next flight

My husband and 3 kids missed a 6 a.m. flight on American Airlines. When my husband called AA to ask what his options were, he was led to believe that the ONLY option he had was to book a new flight immediately with the call center. The representative told him standby was not a viable option. She did not tell him he could go to the ticket counter for help or book a new trip through another airline or website such as Orbitz. She charged him $4700.00 and put them on the very next flight!! I later found out from several AA supervisors that they would have only charged him $400.00 at the ticket counter. The trip could have also been rebooked for thousands less with another carrier. The employees at the airport all assured me that this was an error and could be resolved, but Customer Service told me they were "sorry I was disappointed." One supervisor offered me a partial refund, but didn't follow through. Another one gave me refund envelopes to mail to the refund department. (Never heard a word from them, not even an acknowledgement that the refund was requested.) That supervisor told me I had been "screwed to the wall" and he would be shocked if I didn't get a refund. I have contacted the DOT and the attorney general's office as well as my attorney. I do not intend to "just go away". They will continue to hear about my case until it is resolved!