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Default Royal Air Maroc

I travel between Africa and Europe each year at an average of 1 business class+1 Eco each year for the family(2 adu+2 CHD) from 2005 till date and used ROyal Air Maroc frequently (FF AT700312410). We are based in Gabon, Central West Africa for the last 8 years.

4 claims later still unanswered/no solution offered according to IATA regulations till date, I stopped using RAM.

=1 lost luggage (we were offered 450USD discount on a next booking but it's my company booking my tickets and its my personal luggage and clothes !#useless)

=1 rerouting to a wrong airport & no luggage at arrival retrieved 3 days later; we were flying my 2 young children and me from Libreville to Brussels over CMN to join my wife who had been evacuated for health reasons earlier on AF. There due to delays on the first leg from LBV our connecting flight had left when arriving in CMN. We were booked / rerouted on the flight to Paris instead, with the explanation the Chef d'Escale would assist us in Paris to reach our final destination as booked.
Not only did we arrive in Orly (regional airport) at 2300 and not Charles de Gaulles but no one was to be spotted and our luggage was not delivered (and no warm clothes). The RAM counter was closed. The shuttle subway was closed too. We had to buy a bus ticket to reach CDG area in cash ourselves, book and pay a night in the Local IBIS hotel and buy a train ticket next day to Brussels (no flights between CDG & BRU).
We arrived brussels the next day (1 day later) and our luggage was delivered 3 days after date. We were never reimbursed.

= 1luggage 2days delayed and no compensation while I was in Europe for meetings ( no suit or change). No answers to the claims filed on this item, no reimbursement offer whatsoever.

= 1 dammaged luggage on arrival in Libreville : a claim was filed. No return on the matter, ever.

I have decided to stop using RAM with my family but will probably have to use their services again one day when no other alternatives are possible.
I still hope to get a minimum refund for all the losses and trouble at least according to IATA regulations.


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