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I can't imagine what and how I am going to begin, I been Traveling with this Airline for over 15 Yrs I spend so much $$$$ every year with them even if I always know that they are the worst, but the straight flight and the Great pilots that make me think positive every time until I have a bad experience again and again. This company as everyone knows by now they have the WORST customer service, the MOST arrogant flight attendant they really think they are something, they treat people with disrespect and they are nothing but waiters with no tip
The Lost luggage it happened over and over and over, the way they handle it basically everyone works for this nightmare airline tells you they have no idea and it stops there. I have so many incidents, I lost counts.
The other annoying and scary problem that they have is all aircrafts needed to be refurbished or have new ones; everything is broken and dirty is disgusting.
In December they had passengers sit on the floor because they were over booked and we flew that way I was amazed. I really believe is very dangerous; I really think they should be investigated by the FAA.
Now get this, my 12 yrs old son had to come back from Morocco to JFK on July 27, 2013 by himself and to my understanding he had assistance to accompany him since he is a minor, but it was a mistake on his ticket instead of MN they put Student. Well when my family took him to the airport 3 hours prior to his travel, they were told that he will not have assistance. My uncle offered money and asked for a solution, I called the contact center, the airport I was hanged up on multiple times, of course as a mother I am worried sick about my son but when finally someone talked to me I was told that they don’t care and my 12 yrs old son is an adult and that he is not a minor and there is absolutely nothing that they can do for him. I was in shock.... again I offered money and tried to make sense of all of this. They told my uncle that he can ask one of the passengers (the strangers) to take care of my son and that's the best thing they can do. I was in tears and under a lot of stress all day you can only imagine. I can go on and on but I think you got the picture, I will SUE them for sure and I want to warn People about this nightmare airline please don't travel with them.
My son arrived safe thank God with one of the passenger that took care of him and got him thru customs and got his luggage.