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The thing is Road, you know the rules, you know what needs to be done when you arrive at the airport, when you go through security, when you board the plane, but you can't make the situation "about you" because its not about you, its about EVERYONE who decides to fly. Sit back and read what the hell you just said, why do "I" have to listen to that speech, why do "I" have to go through security, why do "I" have to deal with this? Sadly dude it's simply not about "you", plain and simple, so why are you making it about you? Because you fly every week things should change for you? HA!! Good luck with that!

You want change, how about next time you fly, "you" tell TSA you don't have a lighter or liquids and to just let you through, see how far that gets you. Or better yet, when you get on the plane and you see some dip lean his chair all the way back, "YOU" tell the dip to put it back up before flight attendents say anything. Oh and then tell the flight attendents that "YOU" don't wanna listen to their safety rules, because you know them by heart. If you succeed you let me know, but I highly doubt. Sorry dude things are not gonna change for YOU, even for someone who wants to make change, it's never gonna happen and you'll be considered a joke that everyone will laugh about for many a years to come.

Dude I'm just like you, I fly enough on a weekly basis and I have to deal with the same people each and every flight, I deal with the same situation each and every time, have to listen to that damn safety video each and every time. It sucks. We may get it, but there are other people who don't and believe it or not there are people who have NEVER flown in their life. What about children? can't blame them if they don't know the rules, but they need to know. The whole process of getting through the airline, getting through security, and hopefully getting a seat is something we'll just have to deal with. those rules, hey you may not like it but their here to stay, so why even bother complaining about it?

I know we're not supposed to poke fun at people, but this should get the award for the "Dumbest Complaint" ever, followed by the asian guy who gets "racially profiled", running third is "Couldn't get a napkin, but doesn't wanna get pink eye by using the bathroom tissues" guy.
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