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My name is David Myers. My wife and I purchased tickets to fly with Delta on Aug. 4 from La Crosse Wis., to Minneapolis and then on to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Our flight (flight 4577) was scheduled to depart at 7:05 a.m. but was delayed by a little more than an hour due to inclement weather in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, during that delay our flight crew timed out. Then, after about another hour, we were informed by the agent at the gate that Delta had decided not to send a replacement crew to take our flight to Minneapolis.
When we asked to be booked on one of the other flights leaving LSE that day we were told there weren't any seats available.
The agent then told us the next flight we could get on was flight 1103 leaving at 10:12 a.m. the next day from Minneapolis. We were told by the agent that we could get seats on that flight but we were on our own in getting there.
So we had to drive three hours early the next morning and park our car at the airport (another expense incurred by me) and then drive another three hours to get home upon our return Aug. 7.
When I contacted Delta Customer Service on Aug. 4 to explain our predicament and inquire as to what Delta would do to make this right, I was told Delta wouldn't do anything.
Bottom line, we paid to have two people flown from to La Crosse to Minneapolis and back again, and not only did Delta not do that, I had to spend additional time and money (not to mention inconvenience) to drive us to and from Minneapolis.
Additionally, we had rented a condo on the beach in Hollywood, Fla., that we weren't able to use/enjoy on the 4th and much of the 5th because of Delta's decision to not staff our flight.
While I do not want or expect to be compensated for the expense we incurred for the lost time at the beachfront condo, I do expect Delta to do something to compensate us for not flying us to and from Minneapolis as they agreed to when I paid for those flights.
My wife and I have flown with Delta for years and don't deserve to be treated so shabbily.
So far, Delta has done nothing to make this right. Completely unacceptable.
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