Complaint: Frequent Flyer Program AA Bait-and-Switch
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Originally Posted by **** Arentz
I asked the agent to find any European city at random from now until December 1, 2010.
I know playing the game of trying to use your earned miles for a seat is unfair. I completely agree. But within your review is the above quoted statement which, to me, gives it less credit. I simply don't believe you. No agent would have the time to randomly search for any open city for a date for an entire year. Multiple flights from multiple cities for each day for 11 months means the agent would have had to individually check a staggering amount of flights and spend an enormous amount of time which they don't have. I hope there is a res rep here to verify this but to say you did this and the agent agreed, I just don't believe it.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.