Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Spirit Airlines should not be trusted when it counts.
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Default Spirit Airlines should not be trusted when it counts.

For several months we have been planning for a family vacation with our friends and their kids, a total of four adults and 6 young children. We decided on a cruise and the flight with Spirit. As we reach near the date of our vacation, Spirit decides to reschedule our flight by about 2-1/2 hours which will not give us enough time to reach our ship before departure. We called Spirit and they had absolutely no explanation how they could do this to ten of their passengers, and most likely many more from that flight. They offered to put us on a later flight which is obviously stupid. They also offered to put us on a flight the morning prior, but with four working adults, that wasn’t going to work. We trusted Spirit to make this a trouble free vacation that we so desperately needed, not a chance will we trust Spirit.
Now we are scrambling to find a flight on another airline, God knows when our refund will actually post on our credit card, it has been a week.

One last thing, if my friend did not catch the email he received that looks like a spam we would have been very early for our flight and for sure missed cruise ship.