Complaint: Check-in / Boarding Denied Boarding!!
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Spirit and Ryanair are kindred spirits. They operate on the basis that people will always look for a bargain and that there will always be customers if the price is low enough. So far, they have been proved right.

In your case, if you were late, you have no chance whatsoever, and you should drop it. Spirit are not concerned about repeat customers. They know that of all the passengers who say they will never fly with them again, only a small proportion will follow through with the threat.

However, the amount you had to spend was high. If you are certain, a small claims court case is not costly to file. Write to Spirit by recorded delivery and file you claim. Don't worry if they don't answer. In the letter state the circumstances and ask them for a copy of the print out, showing the official time that the flight was closed.

They will not supply it and probably won't reply.

Then file in smalls claims court. In your claim, state that Spirit have refused or declined to respond to your requests for evidence that the flight was closed after the contracted flight closing time.

In those circumstances, I think you have a reasonable chance of winning. But you should only do this, if you are CERTAIN that you did not arrive after the closing time. These boards are littered with cases of people who say they got there 2 mins, 4 mins, etc before the time. If you were late, but were just irritated at their attitude and resented their unwillingness to help, you are better to chalk it up to experience and let it go. Then follow up on your threat.. and never fly with them again.