Complaint: Check-in / Boarding Denied Boarding!!
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Judge, in post #21, wrote…

I'm still waiting.......

Troy, if I continued a thread in this way, you and your friends on here would be jumping all over me (and probably reporting me) because I wouldn’t let something drop. However, you’re part of the 66% of “airline sympathizers,” et al, the moderator, for whatever reason, allows to do “whatever.” As to the figure of 66%: Since you have time for abusive comments, like “What a load of horse excretion,” you can go-through my previous posts and locate the one where I explained how this number was derived from the “members” list on this board. PHX dismissed it but failed to provide any rational counter-argument.

Judge, in post #21, wrote…

A passenger has just has much motivation to falsify info as anyone, more probably.

So, Troy, I suppose you’re going to say, with a straight face, that the following comment, of mine, is NOT an appropriate “follow” to your post #21. Again, you and your friends on here can save the keystrokes—your comments are predictable, if not very BORING!

As one poster on here indicated, airlines NEVER lie--only customers do.

Troy, if you and/or your friends want to continue this thread in this manner, play amongst yourselves.
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