Complaint: Baggage Problem lost luggage
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Post Yes, you can

There certainly is something you can do! I can only suppose that since as you say 2 weeks have passed without your bag being found, the Airline is looking at compensating you. Unfortunately, their ‘limited liability’ rules exempt your carrier from compensating ‘valuables’ and that include jewelry, currency etc. in baggage. 2 – 3 weeks will pass before a final sum will be offered in compensation and it will be much, much less than you are looking to be compensated. If you are not happy with the offer, don’t sign the ‘Release and Indemnity’ form which exempts airlines from further claims regarding the issue at hand. Fax back the reasons for your disputing the offer. Be strong as you are up against a complex warren of legal provisions. Try to contact someone on the Board of the Airline (don’t try to find out from your usual airline staff of the insurance offices which makes the payment offer). Next time, it will be somewhere to start.