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What a ridiculous reply from Southwest!

The new "Devolve" seats are terrible! The bottom line is that they have added 2 rows of seats to the aircraft. They claim to have preserved legroom with the thinner seats, but that is not the case. The seats are also more uncomfortable. I used to enjoy flying Southwest. Now, the seats are more cramped and very uncomfortable. Because of this, I fly WN only when I have to (dictated by route), and I limit it to 1 hour maximum flights.

Our sleek, new interior was crafted using recycled materials to maximize personal space, while enhancing the Customer experience. Among the various comfort-driven features are adapted seats (designed to foster improved posture and lumbar spine support)
I have found the new seats to be less comfortable. My back aches after sitting in them for 1/2 hour. One always seems to want to recline, but the recline angle is insufficient.

and fixed winged headrests for superior neck and head alignment—a gift to our cat nappers.
The seats do not recline enough for the head to be in a proper position for sleeping.

Thinner armrests mean a little more room between seats on the same row,
How can thinner armrests mean more room between seats? It means LESS room between seats, and that is what I have noticed. If you or the person next to you has broad shoulders, there is going to be a problem.

and the lowered seats should make it easier for the average Customer to stretch his/her legs.
Umm, when I stretch my legs under the seat in front, my shins hit the metal frame of the seat in front. This is a SAFETY issue. Heavy turbulence or similar could cause someone to break their legs or severely bruise their shin bones.

Another huge positive is, with each plane weighing less, we have drastically reduced fuel consumption and emissions making our aircraft hugely eco-friendly.
Then why haven't they lowered their fares accordingly?

Of course, if you believe that you may require special assistance onboard the aircraft, please feel free to speak with one of our Customer Service Agents at the departure gate.