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Originally Posted by amberxchange View Post
$9100 dollars is NOT more than $10,000. Also, why try to make me pay for a ticket back to Beijing when they took all my money to begin with? Why refuse to allow me to see embassy counsel? Why interrogate me for over 6-8 hours and ask the same retarded questions? Why cuff me and throw me in the back of a vehicle without money and leave me stranded on the other side of the border. Can you comment on this unjustifiable behaviour by customs???
Customs and Border protection is generally given carte blanche authority to do what they want and how they want. If you failed to declare $9,100.00 to customs authorities prior to leaving China, They may deem you trying to smuggle or lauder money out of the country. If they want you to pay for a new ticket back, then you will be buying a new ticket back. Next time try
using smaller dollar amounts and declaring to customs authorities the money, but keep 2-3 credit cards with you for emergency purposes, and keep the balance at $000.00 and notify the credit card companies they you are traveling out of your country and were your going. This way if you cash is seized, then you still have your credit cards.