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Angry Worst Customer Service at airport and horrible experience


My wife had a horrible experience flying from Chicago to Hyderabad with Etihad. There was a delay in Chicago because of which she missed the connection flight from Abu Dhabi to Hyderabad. Her 27 hrs travel has increased by 12 hrs, which is NOT the reason why I am writing this complaint. The way the customer service handled the situation at Abu Dhabi airport and over the phone is not acceptable.

None of the Etihad employees showed any basic concern with the situation. Forget about assurance of the next steps, their treatment was very careless and insulting. When approached to them what is going to happen next, all they want is you to get out from there. Since it is her first international travel alone, she was already nervous and scared and the treatment she received has made her never want to travel alone and NEVER with Etihad Airways. When waiting in line for the next available flight at Abu Dhabi airport, the person before her and after her got the 9 PM flight but only she got 2 AM flight. When my wife asked the assistant why didn't she get 9 PM flight, this is the response from the assistant 'Behave like a human and if you talk to me any more I will start crying'. This is very dis-respectable, insulting and very unfair that too in front of others. My wife got very mad, a manager came to her to talk and made the situation worse. My wife burst into tears for this horrible treatment she got.

She really wanted NOT to continue her journey with Etihad but the baggage was already with Etihad so she reluctantly continued her journey.

We will NEVER EVER travel with Etihad. In the last 3 years I traveled 6 times from US to India with various airlines, this is the worst airlines that I am aware. I never imagined that the staff will talk like that. With this journey I feel that Etihad staff doesn't care at all...a call with them has made my entire day worse..