Complaint: Baggage Problem Bags Lost for 8 Days on Dream Vacation
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Default Bags Lost for 8 Days on Dream Vacation

My fiance and I just returned from what was to be a dream vacation in Europe that ended up being a nightmare. American Airlines lost our luggage on our first leg from Phoenix to Chicago. We ended up without all of our luggage for 8 of our 15 day trip. We spent over 15 hours on the phone, transferred all over the place, spent days shopping to try and replace some of what we lost. The customer service is absolutly terrible and not one representative acted like any of this was a big deal.

Per the instructions of American Airlines employees we replaced some of what we were without. Now that we are back home in the states we have submitted all of our receipts. Again several emails and calls later we are now being told that American does not plan on taking care of anything since our connecting flight to London was a British flight. What an absolute joke and gross waste of time.

I would rather drive, bus, dog paddle across the pond before ever dealing with American Airlines and their inept customer relations personnel. Our vacation of a lifetime that we had to save to afford was ruined!!!