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Default Lost/delayed suitcase TWICE

I have booked my trip to Bali with a friend and have paid 886 EUR for an Economy ticket to fly with AerLingus and KLM. Due to a slight delay me and 11 other passengers from Dublin arrived in Amsterdam the end of the boarding from flight no KL3160 to flight no KL835 with destination Denpasar on the 19th of August 2016. We were refused access to the plane at the gate because our luggage did not arrive on time to the next plane. The air hostesses at the gate were extremely non-cooperative and spoke to one another only in Dutch without giving us a proper explanation. We were directed to a KLM Customer Support desk where no one provided us with details about the process and why 12 people are not allowed to enter in the plane. After 30 min of back and forth communication, all of us were instructed to go to an agency desk to rebook our flight. Even though we have paid for a flexible ticket the desk operator did not allow us to go on the next earliest flight (as KLM has been a part of an alliance we should be able to get to another flight at the earliest convenience). One of the passengers managed to obtain information that we can go to a Singapore airlines operated flight instead (after almost 1.5h of discussions) so we managed to book this alternative. The whole group was transferred to a Best Western hotel for the night where we received free of charge dinner as well. Upon the successful arrival in Bali, my baggage did not arrive and absolutely no one could tell me where the problem is! After several calls, the suitcase arrive 36h later in the villa we were staying. In the meantime I had to buy things of first necessity (receipts attached) and missed 1 night in the hotel which we require a compensation for (already submitted via the EU compensation form). On the way back I experienced quite a similar situation - my flight KL3153 arrived on time but ONCE MORE my suitcase didn't arrive. The explanation was that again the time between the connecting flights was too short (2h layover in Amsterdam) - I got my luggage more than 36h later which is not only unacceptable (twice in 10 days) but it brought a huge amount of stress since my corporate phone was in the suitcase. I got an allergic rash on my legs as a result of that and had to buy additional medicines (receipt attached). The whole journey was a nightmare with very poor overall customer service, basic on-board service/entertainment and lack of proper communication (we had to make a security check again in Singapore and the guards confiscated gifts I bought from the Bali airport). It is the first time I hear that is possible not to allow 12 people on board without the rightful explanation and to lose someone's personal belongings twice! I have advised with a legal counselor on my rights and I feel it is right not only to compensate me for the expenses but also for the extremely unpleasant situation and the ruined holiday! After more than 2 months I received the most ridiculous response and compensation of 3.00 EUR!!!!
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